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Mark Jennings Award

Award is given to the film that best displays creativity, originality and story.

Mark Jennings was an advocator for the art of cinema and helping young aspiring filmmakers fulfill their dreams.  He passed away from colon cancer in 2014, but his legacy lives on as the inspiration for the Mission Viejo Film Festival.

*2016 Mark Jennings Award Winners: Viral (High School) & Lucky Day (College/Independent)

Mayor’s Award

The Mayor of Mission Viejo awards the film that is best overall for story, creativity, and film production.

* 2016 Mayor’s Award Winner: Mr. Santa Monica

City of Hope Award

Award is given to the film that best incorporates the themes of hope, courage and love.

*2016 City of Hope Winner: Cosplayer Rana McAnear Transforms

People’s Choice Award

Award is given to the film that garners the most votes through donations to City of Hope during the Film Festival.

*2016 People’s Choice Winner: Lilith’s Game

The MV Awards

 Award given to the music video that best displays creativity, originality, and story.   

 *New Category

Judges for the 2nd Annual Mission Viejo Film Festival 2017

bobby-gene brad-jenkins jacob-watts
Bobby Gene                                        Brad Jenkins                                                                            Jacob Watts

jadon-gauthier jen-ryan kadie-cadigan
Jadon Gauthier                                          Jen Ryan                                       Kadie Cadigan

kean-salazar mark-joseph matt_keine miguel-muller
Kean Salazar                                        Mark Joseph                              Matt Keine                         Miguel Muller

melissa-skoff mike-kills-music-video
Melissa Skoff                                                                  Mike Kills Music Video

oc-hit-factory-music-video sam-halleen-music-video steven-boggess
OC Hit Factory                              Sam Halleen Music Video                         Steven Bogges

ted-mattison terence-troung
Ted Mattison                                                                                          Terence Troung

And other industry professionals!!!